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Terms of Use

  • Transport & Delivery

    1.The Shipping is done by the carrier Kuro Neko Yamato.
    2. Delivery times vary from product to product and can take 1 ~ 30 days. The delivery time will be on the product specification and if necessary, the day of delivery will be marked with the customer for contact by phone, email or online chat.
    3. The price of the shipping is not included in the product price. The shipping costs is ¥ 1,000 and if the client buy ¥ 20,000 purchases over the shipping is free.
    4. Confirmed the delivery day the customer can choose the time for delivery as follows table below:

・09:00 às 12:00
・12:00 às 14:00
・14:00 às 16:00
・16:00 às 18:00
・18:00 às 20:00
・20:00 às 21:00


  • Privacy Policies

    1. The BrinquedoStore undertakes to never disclose any information obtained from our clients by our website, phone or online chat. Under no circumstances will we sell your information to third parties or any commercial entities
    2. The information will be used exclusively for sale, shipment of products and provision of information about promotions involving the products of BrinquedoStore. 
    3. All information sent and received by email and credit card is protected by an encryption system (SSL), thus ensuring even more the security of your data.

  • Exchanges, Returns and Warranties

    1. Only will be accepted through exchanges or returns of evidence that it would be damaged through images and within a maximum period of 2 days after delivery. In case of product breakage due to transport, the carrier has insurance for the same and that this insurance is used. The first carrier will investigate the reason and within a period of approximately two weeks the carrier will refund the value of the product if it is determined that was due to transportation.
    2. The warranty varies from product to product. The warranty is provided by the company that produces it. Contact us for more information.

  • Payments, Prices and Promotions

    1. Payment on Delivery (Daibiki): Payment must be made in cash directly to the delivery driver.

    2. Payment with Credit Card: Credit Card registered on our website when the customer made the purchase

    Important: Once registered the payment only will be possible to change payments on Delivery to Credit Card before we send the product. This will require the customer to contact one of our attendants and see availability.

    3. The prices announced on our website does not include the shipping fee. The 8% tax fere is already included.

    4. Prices relating to promotions are valid only during the period announced in advertisements and the same will return to the normal value without notice on our website.

  • Orders & Cancellations

    1. The orders must be made through our website, phone or online chat.

    2. Received the order we`ll check the data provided by the customer and if necessary will contact you by email, online chat or phone to confirm them. In case of doubtful or uncertain data in which they can not confirm them by contact, the order may be canceled.

    3. After made the order by our website, phone or online chat, the order may be canceled only while being prosecuted and subject to approval of one of our attendants.

    4. Once dispatched the product, the order can`t be canceled.

  • 事業者の名称および連絡先

    販売業者名: Brinquedo Store 

    店舗名:Brinquedo Store 

    店舗URL: http://brinquedostore.com 




    営業時間:月曜日~金曜日 10:00~18:00 土日祝日休み 

    連絡先 :03-3888-5858 


    受注方法: 当ショップのショッピングカート 





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